To advance the health of marginalized communities (such as sexual minorities and people living with HIV) and play a lead role in contributing to evidence-informed programmes and policies by:
  • Offering high quality technical support;
  • Conducting essential applied and policy research, and programme and policy evaluations; and
  • Strengthening the capacity of key stakeholders on research, and policy formulation and analysis.


  • To provide technical support to government, non-governmental and community organisations, and multi-/bi-lateral agencies to formulate and evaluate effective, inclusive and community-centred policies and programmes, and to conduct research on sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and HIV.
  • To contribute to and influence national health-related research agenda and health-related policies for marginalised communities in relation to sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, and HIV through community-based collaborative research studies and policy research.
  • To strengthen research and policy formulation and analysis capacities of community organisations; academic and research institutions; and government in relation to sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and HIV among marginalised communities.